Sunday, 21 December 2014

Snapshots #1

A few snapshots from this week..

1. My cat Lily, being as adorable and sweet as ever.
2. Royal Albert Docks, around nine in the morning as I was on my daily commute to uni.
3. Poems on the Underground.
4. My view of the City of London as my train departed Liverpool Street.
5. A random shot of the sunset, and I noticed a few orbs.. I think someone up there's looking down on me. 

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Friday, 19 December 2014

The Breakfast Club

Time for me to broadcast my love for The Breakfast Club. This is a new find for me, a hidden gem in the heart of London's busy and bustling Liverpool Street. They have a few branches all over London, which I hope I'll get to visit in due course.

I've been twice, and it's safe to say it's up in my top five places to eat. They do the most amazing breakfasts, American style, but they also do lunch/dinner and it's such a lovely, retro place. The whole cafe is decorated in the style of a quirky American diner, with mismatched furniture, homely mugs and neon signs. When we walked in, there was a wall full of ripped out notes and receipts, Polaroids and even phone numbers from people who had visited from all over the world and enjoyed their time at the Breakfast Club so much they'd decided to leave a bit of them behind.

It was almost impossible to pick something from the menu, but I went for the American pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. OH MY GOD, IT WAS AMAZING. I was always suspicious about the combination of maple syrup and bacon, but let me tell you - it works. It works soooo good. The next time I visited, I had halloumi wraps with mac and cheese, which was equally just as amazing. I am literally drooling just writing this. My friend went for this delicious chorizo, poached egg and avocado on toast. 

And we couldn't leave without writing something on the walls in the toilets, schoolgirl style. How amazing is that My Little Pony wallpaper?!

The Breakfast Club is firmly on my list of favourite eateries in London, it's the perfect place to meet a friend for lunch and I'll definitely be coming back for more. And more. And a bit more. And a whole lotta more...


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Feeling Festive

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year. There's a certain feeling of merry cheer in the air, and people seem to be excited everywhere I go. (apart from Liverpool Street in the 8am rush hour!) I thought I'd make a post on what's making me feel festive this year..

- We put up our tree quite early this year, on the 28th November. I really wanted to go all out for Christmas this year, as we lost my nana quite close to Christmas last year and didn't feel too festive at the time. So my mum and I went shopping for new decorations - we bought lots of quirky little decorations and went for a red and gold theme, as I wanted to go down the traditional route. Dad's job was to adorn the house with Christmas lights and candles, and every time I go downstairs I'm greeted with twinkling lights. Certainly an easy way to get you into the Christmassy mood!

- I also absolutely love the seasonal drinks from Costa Coffee. Is it just me, or does anyone else prefer Costa over Starbucks?! I tried the brownie hot chocolate (heavenly) and last week, I tried the white hot chocolate. SWEET BABY JESUS, IT IS JUST THE BEST. I may have had it twice in the space of a week.. Hello calories.

- I've been watching Christmas films non-stop. The Santa Clause trilogy, Elf, Home Alone, A Christmas Carol, The Polar Express, basically anything Christmassy that is on Sky Movies. There's just something special about Christmas films that makes me feel like a kid again.

- I can't wait to see the family for Christmas dinner. Every year we always host dinner at our house, and it's truly one of the best family meals of the year. I haven't seen my aunts, uncles or cousins in quite a while, so I'm looking forward to exchanging stories and playing board games, as is the tradition in our household. 

- London at Christmas. There's just something about London at Christmas - everywhere I go, I see Christmas trees, lights on the streets, decorations in every shop window, people dressed up as Santa Claus or elves. The Christmas displays at Selfridges are always beautiful, but this year I was especially taken aback by the fairytale theme. Fairytales are one of my favourite things, so it reminded me a lot of the fond memories of my childhood.

What are your favourite things about Christmas? What's making you feel festive this year?


Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Love Letter to Paris

Paris. O, Paris.

You stole my heart the day I set eyes on you. 

The old Gothic buildings with iron railings, the quaint little street cafes on every corner, the calligraphy of the Metro signs. 

The magnificence of the Notre Dame cathedral, the quirky little shops dotted in between restaurants and cafes, the splendour of the Louvre. 

Sipping tea as you read your favourite book, now an old, battered copy because you've held on to it for so long.

Swooning at the names of certain places, because they sound so romantic and deliciously French.

Wandering around Jardin des Tuileries in the pouring rain, watching the raindrops create ripples in the puddles, breathing in the fresh smell of the flowers in bloom.

Waking up to the sight of the Eiffel Tower at your window, looking out to the street below, full of Parisians with a coffee in their hand and a newspaper in the other.

The golden glow of the sunset hitting the banks of the River Seine, as you stand on the bridge and sigh as you look out to the horizon. 

Because when you're in Paris, you're home.


all photographs taken by me in 2011.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Pictures That Tell A Thousand Words

Sometime in October, I got an email that sounded too good to be true. It was from the creative folk at  who asked me to take part in the 'Pictures That Tell A Thousand Words' creative challenge. The idea was to take inspiration from a set of photographs and write a story of less than a thousand words to go with it. 

Picture taken by Paul Phung

I had been seeing this go around on Twitter among some bloggers, who are pretty amazing at their writing. So to even be asked was mind-boggling, because I don't consider myself a writer. I love to write, but I'm certainly not as dedicated as some of these people are, or as talented. It was a pretty fun challenge, and I enjoyed pushing myself. Nothing beats that feeling of pride when you see your work actually published, and people telling you what they thought of it.

It baffles me that people read my blog, because I started out wanting to put all my creative passions into one place and just discussing it. It never came across in my mind that people would actually click the link and take the time to read. Thank you, you lovely people!

So without further ado - here's the story I wrote.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Blogmas 2014

Long time no blog!

It's been ages since I posted my last blog, but I started my third and final year of university in September and things were getting a bit too hectic. So I decided to take a little break to just focus on other things. I had lost my blogging mojo a bit, but what better way to start blogging again than doing Blogmas?!

Blogmas is basically when you try and blog every day, or quite often in a week. I am going to give this my best try - I've got no excuse not to when all my deadlines are finished and I finish uni next week. 

So I'll start rambling about what made me happy last week.

- I finally tried a seasonal hot drink from Costa; I had the brownie hot chocolate, and sweet jesus it was amazing. 
- my brother came home from uni for one night, and it was so good to see him after so long. I'm so excited for Christmas, when he can stay longer.
- my cousin and his fiancee welcomed a gorgeous baby girl into the world, and she is just the most precious thing ever.
- I visited Foyle's bookshop yesterday - five floors of books, books and more books. As a literature student I was literally in my element. I definitely didn't leave without making a few cheeky purchases.
- After Foyle's, my best friend and I wandered around Covent Garden and sat in Costa just talking for ages. Sometimes all you need is a day out with the bestie to cheer you up.
- it's that time of year where you start appreciating all the little things in life; a smile from a handsome stranger, a chilly winter's night walk home, a vanilla candle that reminds you of Christmas past, a hot, steaming cup of tea to warm your cold hands.

Until next time.. 


Thursday, 7 August 2014


Top: ZARA, Skirt: MISSGUIDED, Shoes: EBAY, Bag: ZARA, Necklace: H&M.

One of my all time favourite outfits on the blog so far. I don't know why I was wearing a leather skirt on a hot day, but it's one of my favourites and I didn't want to wait until autumn to whip it out. Missguided, you've gone and done it again. Who else is obsessing over their latest A/W14 drop? I know I am. I kept it safe in a stripy top (I know, more stripes, Rebecca?) and chunky black shoes that I got from eBay last year. They kinda remind me of school shoes, but the heel gives them just a touch of grunge that I love. This outfit is something I would wear on a night out in London, I'm not one to go all out in a dress and heels so this is right up my street. 

As my bag says, bonsoir. 


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