Thursday, 20 February 2014

Weekly Favourites #1

Welcome to a new feature on my blog, Weekly Favourites.

This was inspired by Amy, whose blog I came across yesterday and immediately fell in love with. It's a feature where I'm going to share what I loved this week, and hopefully will help me keep up with a regular routine of blogging!

I had been feeling a slight pressure to blog what I thought other people would want to read, and that made me put off blogging outfit posts until I actually went somewhere decent to take photographs in. But Amy's blog, along with other blogs such as Scarphelia and Katrina Sophia (a fellow deaf blogger and insanely talented artist!), made me realise that my blog is about me. Not others. Me, and what I want to talk about.

So, sod it. If you're here reading this, you're pretty awesome :)

Before I start rambling, lets go onto what I loved this week..

1. Orange squash. I've been quite ill with the flu - sore throat, cough, high temperature, cold, you name it - I've got it. Orange squash is the only drink I can keep down right now, and it's so soothing for my throat and cough. The sales of Robinson's squash must be going through the roof with the amount of squash my mum's been buying lately. Ha.

2. My Pandora birthstone ring. My brothers got me a Pandora turquoise birthstone ring for my birthday, which was in December. Unfortunately it was out of stock on my birthday, so I had to wait two months before it finally came back into store. I picked it up on Saturday, and I am completely and utterly in love with it. Turquoise is my favourite colour. *insert lovestruck emoji here*

3. Emma Watson at the ELLE Style Awards. I'm sorry, but my obsession with this woman is getting out of control. She's been my idol ever since she hit our screens as Hermione in Harry Potter, but I've always admired Emma's style. She isn't one of those typical celebrities who wear just anything, she always wears something that suits her and always looks so impeccably stylish.

4. Tangled. Yes, I'm talking about the Disney film. I finally jumped on the bandwagon and watched it at the weekend with my best friend. It was hilarious and I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of sarcasm and wit in it, especially for a Disney film. Definitely going to be a Saturday night favourite!

5. Katrina Sophia hand-drawn cat cards. I know Katrina through going to the same primary school, although she was a few years above me. She is an insanely talented artist and photographer, and I love her blog, where she shares her beautiful paintings. I fell in love with this cat drawing, as I'm a cat lover myself. Think I may have to make a cheeky purchase soon... ;-)

What's been your favourites this week? Have you discovered something new?

Rebecca x

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  1. thank yooou I am glad you liked my art!

    have seen tangled but need to watch it again, what it is about has slipped my mind. utorrent time! ;)

    Katrina Sophia Blog