Saturday, 1 March 2014

#001: March Goals

I've been feeling a serious lack of motivation lately, probably due to being ill with the flu and stuck in bed for a week. I'm one of those people who love nothing more than lazing about and watching re-runs of Gossip Girl on Netflix, but I have really been trying to make my daily life more productive, and the flu completely quashed any hopes of that happening.

So, today is the 1st of March, and I'm going to set myself a little task. Every month, I'll have a little list of goals for me to achieve that month. Hopefully, it'll push me to be more productive and motivated, and put a spring in my step.


#1: Blog more. I have been blogging quite a bit recently, but I want to start looking at blogging as a way of inspiring myself and expressing my thoughts. I have been inspired by so many bloggers recently, and I admire their motivation and determination to make something special of their blogs and their lives. I want to take that mindset on for my own blog, and hopefully with your support - I'll achieve it!

#2: Post more on Instagram. I absolutely love Instagram, there's no better place to find quick and easy inspiration than the Instagrams of bloggers, models, travellers, adventurers and the best of them all - your own friends. But I don't actually post that much - and I don't know why. I take so many pictures, and I love editing them - but I never post them. I need to change this and turn my Instagram into something pretty I can look at when I need to be inspired.

#3: Try somewhere new for lunch. I always go to the same old places with friends for lunch. You can't help but go back to the old favourites - maybe it's that sense of comfort knowing exactly what you'll get, or because it's part of a routine you're comfortable with. But I have a serious lack of recommendations - if somebody asked me where the best burger joint in London was, I'd seriously have no idea, and I'm a Londoner myself! So I want to set myself the goal of trying out somewhere new - maybe one place for this month, and two next month, three the month after that and so on..

#4: Read a whole book for lectures. As a literature student, I always have about 28324124 books on my reading list. And I never read them all. So when it comes to a deadline, cue a last minute panic reading of the book I choose to write about in an essay, and completely blagging my way through to a 2:1. (I honestly don't know how I do it sometimes.) But this semester, I really am trying my best to read the set books waaaay in advance and before a lecture on that particular book. Just this week, I read the Time Machine by H.G. Wells, and actually did pretty well - I only had 4 chapters left before the lecture. But this week's reading is Bram Stoker's Dracula, and I'm going to start reading it today.. Can I finish it before Thursday? Place your bets, people.

#5: Explore a part of London for the day. As I mentioned above, I'm a Londoner. I've lived here all my life, yet I've never been to some parts of London. I live in North London, and go to university in East London, and that's pretty much my schedule. Wake up, go to uni, endure three hours of waffling, go home. When I did my placement at Tatler magazine, I went to Oxford Street and Regent Street (where Tatler is based) every day and I loved every minute of it. I truly was in my element - people-watching in Hanover Square, having lunch at Pret A Manger, popping into the Liberty London store (how amazing is it, btw) and making some cheeky purchases from an almost empty Topshop, before I started work at 9.30am. I realised how beautiful London is, and I can't believe how I forget that sometimes. I should take advantage of it and take a day out to just explore.

So there it is. My goals for March. Here's hoping I manage to achieve them all!

Do you have any goals for this month? Do you have any tips to share?

Rebecca x

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  1. These are great goals to have! i really should set these for myself as well. I DEFINTELY should read an entire lecture book too! :) I love your blog, I'm following you now, keep in touch! :)

    x leah symonne x