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INTERVIEW | Amy V. Norris

Welcome to a new feature on the blog! I wanted to start a blog series where I interview some of my favourite bloggers. As the blogging community is such a close-knit and friendly community, I felt a connection with my fellow bloggers and I wanted to get to know them closely. 

As an avid reader of the lovely Amy's blog, Amy V. Norris, for a while now, I knew she was the first person I wanted to interview. A student at King's College London, she's a girl after my own heart with her love for literature and moleskine notebook obsession as well as appreciating the beauty of architecture in cities (you should see her Instagram!). Describing her blog as 'the preppy London lifestyle blog', it's full of thoughtful philosophy, travel posts, book reviews and her favourite London hang-outs along with a few tips on studying and being organised. Here are Amy's answers, eloquently written..

How did you start your blog? What was the reason behind it?

I actually didnt set out to start a blog! My first ever post came into being because I wanted to write a glowing review of Sarah Pinto planners and Sarah didnt have any kind of public feedback form at the time. This coincided with a crisis period of trying to organise myself academically before going into my last year of sixth form, and my newly created Blogspot space worked well for me as a place to just try to keep track of  what exactly my aims were. I wrote a few rambling posts about academic goals and trying to make time to become the person I wanted to be, and I gradually started accidentally gaining readers.

I didn’t start to actually think about the fact that I was writing a blog until I got really into reading The College Prepster  I’d always thought that blogs were only ever run by socialites with ridiculously unattainable lives until I went through Carly’s older posts about studying and discovered this whole other section of the blogging world. I started becoming aware of my three followers as three real people who wanted to read what I had to say and so set out to inspire even just one of those people in the way that Carly had inspired me!

What's the best thing that's happened from setting up your blog?

Honestly, it’s just connecting with such incredible people whose existence I would have otherwise lived my entire life completely ignorant of. My school had become a pretty toxic environment for me by the time that I started blogging and these people who were the same age as me and writing about the same things as me from all the way across the Atlantic re-inspired my faith in the beauty of life and shared experiences.

How do you get inspiration for your beautifully crafted blog posts?
Life. My iPhone notes app is full of half-formed blog posts that I’ve suddenly thought of on the tube or during a walk to my friends’ house. My university notes are constantly being interrupted with paragraphs I’ve written when my lecturer has made an off-hand comment that’s really resonated with me. I still haven’t figured out how to conserve inspiration for a convenient time so I just end up with scribbled notes on the back of receipts and perfume sample cards that I have to attempt to decipher later. Aesthetically, I use my tumblr as a moodboard to channel my vision of the kind of place I want my blog to be, but most of the visual direction ends up coming from just things I encounter every day. I’m that typical white girl who has stopped in the middle of a shop to photograph the way the light is hitting the Victorian tiled floor.

What are your favourite blogs to read?
I think The College Prepster will always have a place in my heart as the catalyst for my blogging journey, but the blogs I’m most impatient for new posts from are Love McKenna, Dear ManhattanAshka (hi), and Gingerly PaleShe Loves Mixtapes still reigns as my favourite blog; partly because I have never again found a blogger who has the same sense of style as me, but mostly because of Dina’s incredible way with words and film.

Describe yourself in three words.

Dreamer, Adventurer, Planner.

Have you got any tips for those who are considering blogging or still fairly new to the blogging world? 

Just do it. Sharing my ridiculously pretentious ramblings on the internet has been the best decision I’ve ever made. The time in which you have just one singular follower may discourage you, but think about how that one reader is an entire person just as complex as you and they’re choosing to spend their precious time reading your words. That’s pretty damn amazing to me.

Thank you so much, Amy, for taking the time to do this. You can follow her on Twitter here and Instagram here, and of course, her wonderful blog, Amy V. Norris.

Rebecca x

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