Sunday, 7 December 2014

Blogmas 2014

Long time no blog!

It's been ages since I posted my last blog, but I started my third and final year of university in September and things were getting a bit too hectic. So I decided to take a little break to just focus on other things. I had lost my blogging mojo a bit, but what better way to start blogging again than doing Blogmas?!

Blogmas is basically when you try and blog every day, or quite often in a week. I am going to give this my best try - I've got no excuse not to when all my deadlines are finished and I finish uni next week. 

So I'll start rambling about what made me happy last week.

- I finally tried a seasonal hot drink from Costa; I had the brownie hot chocolate, and sweet jesus it was amazing. 
- my brother came home from uni for one night, and it was so good to see him after so long. I'm so excited for Christmas, when he can stay longer.
- my cousin and his fiancee welcomed a gorgeous baby girl into the world, and she is just the most precious thing ever.
- I visited Foyle's bookshop yesterday - five floors of books, books and more books. As a literature student I was literally in my element. I definitely didn't leave without making a few cheeky purchases.
- After Foyle's, my best friend and I wandered around Covent Garden and sat in Costa just talking for ages. Sometimes all you need is a day out with the bestie to cheer you up.
- it's that time of year where you start appreciating all the little things in life; a smile from a handsome stranger, a chilly winter's night walk home, a vanilla candle that reminds you of Christmas past, a hot, steaming cup of tea to warm your cold hands.

Until next time.. 


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