Friday, 6 January 2017

And she's back..

So here it is. My first blog post in two years.

Hello my old friend..

So much has happened that I can't even keep up. And I missed this little space of the internet, so I decided to write again. I missed it. I miss writing, I miss letting my words pour out of my fingers as my jumbled up thoughts form themselves into sentences. Or nonsense.

I've been so inspired by other women lately, and it's about damn time I had a purpose in my life again. Writing (and reading) is a form of mediation for me, it's my outlet where I express myself. Be that on this blog, a notebook, my diary or the notes on my iPhone.

The last year and a half of my life has been insane, to say the least. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and bowel disease. JEEZ, right? (more on that in a different post..)

So that's the reason why I want to start using this space as somewhere I can share my story with you. I want to write about my journey as I attempt to navigate through life while living with cancer and bowel disease. As well as the fun moments, of course!

I cannot wait. It feels good to be back.



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